The Third Dimension is the exhibition of the University of Pécs

Faculty of Arts, of the University of Pécs. Institute of Design and Media Arts, Department of Design,
Presentation of recent works in the field of Creation and Ceramics Design.

A Pécsi Tudományegyetem Művészeti Kara megújult elnevezéssel és kibővített tantárgy kínálattal várja újabb hallgatóit. A kiállításon látható munkák bemutatják a 3D számítógépes tervezőprogramok használatát a formatervezésben, a 3D nyomtatók és a CNC marógépek alkalmazási lehetőségeit a kivitelezés egyes folyamataiban, ugyanakkor láthatunk autonóm háromdimenziós kerámia és porcelán plasztikákat is. Szeretnénk evvel is prezentálni a nálunk folyó oktatás széles skálájú lehetőségeit, a több száz éves manuális technikáktól a 21.századi innovatív design megoldásokig.

Photographer in front of the lens Géza Gonda's photo exhibition -
The pictures of Nicolas Muller photographer were made by Géza Gonda in Spain, 1988-1994.

The exhibition will be opened by Orsolya Bencsik, writer,
at 6 pm, on 26 of March.


The Zichy Design Highschool of Kaposvár presents the mid-year exam pieces of its students in the gallery of FISE.The creativity of the students represents itself already in 8 different field of art and design in our school such as graphic design, photography, fashion design, textile design, ceramic design, peinture and decoration. Of each field we bring the most actual works to show the diversity of our highschool and the polychrome stlye of our young designers and artists.

The exhibition opens on 19th of February at 3 pm by peinture Csaba Vecsey.

The exhibition is open till 8th of March.

On the next FISE Evening there will come a report about the 17th SIERAAD International Art Jewellery Fair by Fanni Király, Noémi Gera and Márta Edőcs

15th of February, Friday 6 pm.
After 6 pm for entering please ring doorbell 40. at Kálmán Imre street 16.

Organized by FISE and Art Jewelry Night of BDPST

Let's dance!

Carnival at FISE on 16th of February, topic: MOVIES!!!
Dress up as an iconic character of your favourite movie!

The party starts at 10 pm, but you can come from 20 pm.


Event and "going" HERE

Yoga Flow in the FISE Gallery

We invite everyone to be stronger, healthier and more balanced.
In this month we have 4 dates:
5th of February, 12th of February, 20th of February and 26 of February

First time: 1.000 HUF, single occassion: 2.000 HUF, for all dates: 6.000 HUF

Event and more

Introductory exhibition of the newest member of the Assotiation

Opening: 8th of January 2019. 6 pm
Opening speach by Gabriella Uhl art historian
Special guest: Nikolett Merics crooner

New members:

Rita Bánó, Mona Birkás, Annamária Csizmadia, Zsuzsa Gspann, Enikő Horn, Eszter Sára Kocsor, Janka Kreisz, Andrea Laskóy, Dóri Lázár, Gabriella Maczák, Viktória Mária Maróti, Orsolya Padányi, Dániel Patkós, Anna Sallay, Zsuzsanna Zsófia Sinkovits, Kriszta Sustik, Apolka Temesi, Dominika Tóthová, Orsolya Urbán, Dorina Rita Varnyú, Gabriella Veszprémi

On the invitation card the works of Viktória Maróti, Orsolya Padányi, Dániel Patkós, Dominika Tóthová and Gabriella Veszprémi can be seen.

Open till 1st of February every workdays from 1 pm tp 6 pm



Exhibition of Judit Grünfelder glass artist and Zoltán Lublóy porcelain designer

Opening: 13th of December 6 pm
Opening speech by Eszter Ágnes Szabó artist, képzőművész, independent curator

Open till 21th of December every weekday beetween 1 an 6 pm


Exhibition at the Lutheran Central Museum

Group exhibition of the artists of the FISE
Opening: 4th of December, 6 pm.

The exhibition is open till 3th of February 2019 - every day except Monday from 10 am to 6 am

Budapest, V. Deák tér 4. +36/20 824–3864


MASTRO’18 / Broken down into colours
exhibition of
Strohner Márton ceramic artist, designer

In 2012, Márton Strohner established the «MASTRO» brand. Every piece of handmade work is unique and a testimony to his broad interests. The young designer offers a wide spectrum of products ranging form small scale porcelain objects,  jewellery and home decoration accessories to limited edition dog leashes for everyday use. His objects combine the two fundamental design principles of quality and function. Besides his dedication to detail and careful workmanship, he strikes a temporary yet classical chord with products of extraordinary appeal.

Opening: 20th of November 7 p.m.
Opening speech by Zoltán Lublóy porcelain designer

Till 7th of December every weekday between 1 p.m. and 6 p.m


Marcell Puskás designer

!!!Extra event: FINISSAGE!!!
When: 15th of November at 7 p.m.

If you were here or missed the exhibition ---> here is a video!

In this exhibition I would like to find a connection between the male gaze, female gaze and the new online gaze. How can I present myself in the digital space and who will see me? Does an algoritm or an app have gaze or look? How can I present myself with an emoticon or with just few words?

Opening: 30th of October, 7 pm
Speech by András Szilágyi art historian

Open till 16th of November from Monday to Friday between 1 pm and 6 pm