Creative Technikum Selection -
exhibition of the school called: Budapest Complex Vocational Training Center Creative Technikum

Monday, November 14, 2022, 4 p.m.
The guests are greeted by: Róbert Mascher DLA, president of FISE,
opened by: textile designer Márta Kanics.
Nikolett Dobos plays the flute, 11th grade graphics student

It can be viewed until November 25, 2022, from Monday to Friday from 13:00 to 18:00.

The BKSZC Kreatív Technikum Selection exhibition presents the work in creative technician training in the form of a selection. It gives an insight into the five-year tasks of students studying fashion design, graphics and photography. In our courses, our students learn the basics of design methodology, alternative surface preparation, and develop their vision, sense of color and form through creative projects.
In the school's Digital Creative Workshop, they have the opportunity to get to know and experiment with innovative technologies, which they can apply to their exam work.

Exhibiting students:

Fashion design course:
Lili Binder, Lídia Buzády, Judit Csányi, Bíborka Csengeri, Vanda Opál Csizmadia, Emese Darida, Lili Gubala, Alexandra Gabriella Hazenfratz, Bettina Zsanna Ibolya, Amarella Regina Járomi, Dalma Lencsér, Lilla Miterli, Cintia Emma Molnár, Boglárka Nagy, Zsófia Németh, Nie Sijia, Alexandra Ritter, Jázmin Tallián, Rebeka Petki, Ágnes Pető, Panna Pördi, Barbara Prokopecz, Edina Titkó, Vivien Ördögh, Dorottya Serényi, Dóra Seres, Erzsébet Annamária Sinkovicz, Lia Szilveszter, Eszter Szórádi, Anikó Zoé Zubor, András Ferenc Wolf

Graphic major:
Izabella Andorkó, Bianka Bernadett Bokros, Sára Dorkó, Orsolya Fetzer, Beatrix Lili Gábor, Izabella Gulyás, Dávid Gulyás, Laura Ignácz, Édua Harsányi, Panna Harsányi, Viktória Laura Horváth, Stefánia Kun, Edina Miklós, Csenge Patricia Molnár, Laura Nagy, Alexa Rácz, Domonkos Ráth, Kamilla Sajtos, Lilla Sára Kitti, Eliza Schäffer, Hajnalka Míra Stock, Vivien Száraz, Szonja Sztraka, Irén Boglárka Venczel, Barbara Erzsébet Venczel, Cintia Vranek, Krisztián Zámbó Patrik, Zzanett Zólyomi, Edina Zorgel,

Photographer major:
9th grade class, Nagy Boglárka, Anita Miklósvölgyi

Soul thief - Exhibition of portraits by photographer Ákos Gábor Varga

Opening: Tuesday, October 25, 2022, 6 p.m.
Opened by: esthete Tibor Miltényi.
The exhibition is the official program of the Photography Month 2022.
It can be viewed until November 11, 2022, from Monday to Friday from 13:00 to 18:00.

Soul thief

An obsessive photographer is happy to photograph almost any subject. But the most interesting topic is the person. Capturing someone's personality and telling their story in one picture is the most exciting task. Yes, in this case we steal a little bit of our model's soul in a good way. We do this with such passion and humility that our subject finally feels that he has opened up to us with joy. At my exhibition at the FISE Gallery, you can see portraits made over many years, of friends, acquaintances, or people you simply call out to on the street.

Invitation photo: Ann, Werner and Wagram

The closing event of the 40th anniversary exhibition of the Studio of Young Artists Association

Thursday, October 20, 2022
B32 Galéria és Kultúrtér, 1111 Budapest, Bartók Béla út 32.

18.00 Fashion show - A journey between forms and materials!
The collections of nine FISE designers are: Dóra Balogh, Vivien Botz, Dénes Petra, Klára Kalicz (Anna Börcsök jewelry collaboration), Mária Virág Molnár, Anikó Pál, Dóra Papp Vid, Kriszta Sustik, Flóra Varga, Bettina Wolf
DJ: Zituli Space Project and Peter Bernath

19.00 Presentation of the FISE publication: "Design, like a fish in the water - the story of the Studio of Young Industrial Artists" (book by Tibor Kránitz and Róbert Mascher) Discussion about the past and achievements of FISE.
Moderator: Ákos Schneider

20.00 Finishing
FISE40 birthday cake
We thank our supporters for the delicacies and thirst quenchers:
Katona Borház -
Szeletem -
MezesCake Manufactory -

The FISE40 event series is the official program of the Budapest Design Week.

Supported by:
National Cultural Fund,
Újbuda Municipality,

Exhibition of the 2019-2022 design artist scholarship recipients of the MMA Scholarship Program.

Opening: October 11, 2022 at 7 p.m.
The exhibition was opened by interior designer István Szenes.
On view until October 21, 2022.

The participants of the exhibition “Közös nevező” started in the fall of 2019 and finished their three-year individual work in the fall of 2022, during which time they received creative support. Interior designer István Szenes during the entire support period; György Fekete, MMA's honorary president, mentored the creative work, the results of which are now presented by the exhibitors, until his death. Over the years, the group of creators representing a diverse range of professions – negotiating designers, architects, graphic designers, jewelry designers, ceramicists and art historians – has almost imperceptibly formed into a true collegial creative environment and friendly community.

Exhibitors: architect András Bakucz, interior designer; Miklós Bán CAD designer; Hegedűs Babett decorative painter, design designer; goldsmith Fanni Király; Daniella Koós, DLA designer; Anna Borbála Lányi is a negotiation artist; Eszter Molnár, art historian; Porcelain designer Anita Monori; designer Gergely Nádas; Melinda Soltész, glass artist, designer; Zsófia Szónyegi is a textile designer, Sára Ulrich is a graphic designer

FISE40 - The 40th anniversary exhibition of the Studio of Young Industrial Artists Association in the entire area of the B32 Gallery and Cultural Center

EXHIBITION OPENING Wednesday, October 5, 2022, 6 p.m
It opens: Mayer Kitti, design theorist and Róbert Mascher, president of FISE
Contributes to: Manaman, handpan artist

Events related to the exhibition:
FISE ART FAIR | Saturday, October 15, 11 a.m. - 5 p.m
Craft fair in B32
FINISH | Thursday, October 20, 6 - 9 p.m
18.00 Presentation of two new FISE publications
- "Design, like a fish in water - the story of the Studio of Young Industrial Artists"
(Book by Tibor Kránitz and Róbert Mascher)
- "FISE40" - a catalog presenting the membership of the association and their works
19.30 Fashion show - where the collections of ten FISE designers will be presented.

The series of events is the official program of the Budapest Design Week.
It can be visited until October 20, 2022, every weekday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., depending on events.
Supported by: National Cultural Fund, Újbuda Municipality,,

At the beginning of their careers, many young artists may feel that they are left alone in the world of industrial art and design, that it is more difficult for them to access information, and that their works find it difficult to reach the public. They may also fear that their professional relationships will fade or be interrupted. The Studio of Young Industrial Artists was established 40 years ago to solve these problems, and it now operates as a non-profit association and a recognized professional organization. In a circular, it informs its 350 members about the possibilities and tenders discovered. With their website, publications and exhibitions - such as the current one, B32 FISE40 - they try to provide them with more publicity. The festive exhibition of FISE members in the two exhibition spaces of B32 is not only a presentation of beautiful objects, but a self-determination matured in a community, the answer of young people to the tasks facing contemporary Hungarian applied art. It simultaneously presents the individual achievements, the artistic level of the age group and the professional rank of the Association. The secret of FISE's success is that among its members there are many creators who belong to the forefront of contemporary design and whose works are outstanding at the international level, who not only increase the prestige of FISE with their presence in the life of the association, but also actively participate in its operation. You can find out more about their international exhibitions and their downtown Gallery with the help of the website available at
We therefore recommend to your attention the FISE40 exhibition of young artists, great works displaying all areas of applied art (interior architecture, photography, graphics, industrial form, clothing, goldsmiths, silicate, textiles)!

Secret tender exhibition - National Goldsmith Tender 2022

Opening: September 14, 2022, 5:30 p.m
The exhibition will be opened by:
Anna Börcsök jewelry designer and
Róbert Mascher, DLA designer, president of FISE

Featured event: September 17, 2:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. – Informal guided tour by the applicants

In the fall of 2017, the call for the National Goldsmith competition was announced for the first time, the aim of which is to connect Hungarian goldsmith training, support talents, get to know each other's point of view and language, expand borders and create new perspectives.
In 2022, the title of the announced topic is SECRET. Applicants extensively examine what hidden messages our jewelry may contain. Can you decode the messages?
Students could apply in three application categories:
I. Vocational high schools 9. - 12. grade
II. Vocational high schools 13th year and OKJ training 1st year
III. Works of students and university students actively participating in the 2nd year of OKJ training and above
Award ceremony: At the highlight of the Budapest Jewelry Week, on September 16, at the international exhibition of the Paradox Contemporary Jewelry Week Budapest in the Hybridart Space gallery from 19:00.
The award was designed and implemented by: Erika Rejka

Exhibitors: Dóra Bedi, Katalin Beleki, Noémi Benke, Anett Boros, Fanni Csizmadia, Erzsébet Domonyi, Dr. Enikő Szikoi Virág, Zoltán Erdei, Beáta Farkas, Bianka Gácsi, Blanka Gácsi, Beatrix Guld, Fanni Gyurián, Nikolett Horváth, Petra Konecsni Kata Kósa, Brigitta Eperke Kovács, Lilla Kovács, Mai Tuan Thanh, Janka Meizner, Csaba Molnár, Nikolett Nagy, Balázs Palikó, Andrea Eszter Papp, József Papp, Júlia Somogyi, Márton András Soós, Anna Sümegh, Zina Szabadszállási-Tóbi, Kinga Szakáts, Rebeka Szalai Anna, Viktória Szeleczky-Takács, Sándor Péter Véninger, Rebeka Luca Vigh, Andrea Vasvári, Rebeka Luca Vigh

The exhibition is an official event of the Budapest Jewelry Week/Kortárs Ékszerhét Budapest

Fb event:

Cross-section - the exhibition and book presentation of the Bachelor of Visual Arts at the PTE Faculty of Arts

Opening: Tuesday, August 23, 2022, 6 p.m.
It can be viewed until September 9, 2022, from Monday to Friday from 13:00 to

The exhibition is opened and the book is presented by:
Gáspár György Ferenczy, Noémi Award-winning artist, university assistant professor,
head of the Glass Design specialization.

Exhibiting students: Zsuzsa Barta, Nikoletta Branauer, Kata Czinege, Borbála Farkas, Vivien Galcsik, Erzsébet Huszár, Regina Jantász, Karam Atrache, Kinga Kaufmann, Anna Virág Kis, Csongor Nyári Balázs, Ilona Sápi, Snezana Bulatovic, Petra Szondi, Gergely Szula , Kata Viktor

Cross section exhibition opening and book presentation

In addition to ceramics, the new fields started in 2020-2021 will be presented at the exhibition of the Bachelor of Art Design of the PTE Faculty of Arts: glass design, metalwork and textile and fashion design specializations. Through the student works, the visitor gains an insight into the current life of the department, the work that is going on there, so the exhibition shows a snapshot of the current state of the department.

The opening of the exhibition is also the presentation of the publication titled "Consultation" published on the occasion of the faculty's 25th anniversary.

The FISE Gallery cordially invites our METU Alumnae
for the group exhibition entitled Connection_Connection.

Opening: Tuesday, July 19, 2022, 6 p.m.

The exhibition will be opened by Kitti Mayer

It can be viewed until August 5, 2022, from Monday to Friday from 13:00 to 18:00.

"The whole is more than the sum of its parts" – Aristotle

The exhibition explores the connections between students working on the common theme of Anett Papp and Erika Rejka, as well as selected and later works. The study of the organizing principles of structural design is didactic content related to the subject-making profession, but more than that. The steps of organising into a system are influenced by a myriad of factors.

Contact itself is the principle of give and take. Physical, interpersonal and intergroup systems are built up between part and whole. The structure is made up of these parts. The focal point of the objects in the exhibition are the systems of parts in physical relation to each other. These systems evolve as diverse organisms as the artists unfold in their careers. In the contemporary teaching-learning process, the hierarchy of instructor and student is neglected, and the system becomes creative in a juxtaposing, yet interdependent relationship. We influence each other from the moment of contact.

Exhibiting artists: Balaton Csenge Zoé, Fülöp Luca, Györfi Angéla, Katona Dorottya Julis, Kiss Lucia, Li Xinyue, Márföldi Dóra, Rácz Zsófi, Szabó Luca, Tóth Dominika, Tóth Fanni, Tóth Gréta, Tsur Dorina

We received a tent donation from Expodom Ltd

We thanked you for the offer of Exodum Kft., which is a 3 x 3 meter event tent with a steel frame. Our association takes part in many settlements and events, whether it is a handicraft activity or a pop-up exhibition. The great, quick-setting green tent will also be of great use this summer in the garden of the FISE Mátranovák Creative House, where it will protect diligent craftsmen from strong sunshine, wind and rain.
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