A kiállítást megnyitja:
Borbás Dorka és Lukácsi László üvegművészek.
Közreműködik: Fehér Elemér, klarinét

Megnyitó: 2020. február 4-én kedden 18 órakor.

Megtekinthető 2020. február 14-ig, hétfőtől-péntekig 13-18 óra között!

Szilágyi Csilla üvegtervező művész évek óta foglalkozik betonöntéssel. Szobrászati gondolatait elsősorban a beton és az üveg együttes használatával tudja megfogalmazni. A TRANSFUSE_02 kiállításán egy új szobor sorozatát mutatja be nekünk. A tárgyai különleges fényjátékként is funkcionálnak. Mintázatuk a háromszög rács szerkesztési elvein alapul, a centrális kompozícióba organikusan ágyazódnak bele a kristály lencsék.

Anti-valentin-napi posztapokalitpikus tudományos fantasztikum a FISE összes termeiben:

A BOLYGÓ NEVE: HAL /// sci-fi farsang a FISE-ben
Belépés: kizárólag tematikus jelmezben

Dátum: 2020. február 15.
Kapunyitás: 20.00 - vége: kifulladásig
Fogyasztás: hozott anyagok alapján

Zene: dj GYöREMiX
Lesz: sci-fi zenék, tudományos-fantasztikus vetélkedő, jókedv, télbúcsú
Visual: Puskás Marcell, PUSKAAS

FISE - Fiatal Iparművészek Stúdiója Egyesület
FISE Galéria, Kálmán Imre utca 16., Budapest, 1054


Fresh FIShEs XII/A című kiállítás

A vendégeket és az új FISE tagokat köszönti:
Mascher Róbert a FISE elnöke
A kiállítást megnyitja:
Fazekas Ildikó design- és művészeti menedzser - Uhl Gabriella művészettörténész
és METU-s hallgatók.
Megnyitó: 2020. január 7-én kedden 18 órakor.

Az idén tizenkettedik alkalommal megrendezésre kerülő Fresh Fishes kiállítás ismét egy színes, fiatalos és lendületes tártattal várja kedves látogatóit. A 2019-ben felvett szilikát, textilművész, formatervező, vizuális kommunikáció, ötvös tagok bemutatkozó kiállításán, műveiken keresztül megismerhetik a fiatal művészgeneráció friss látásmódját.

A kiállító művészek:
Gyeviki Hajnal, Kertész Krisztina, Puskás Marcell, Roskó Mária, Simon Borbála, Szalai Zsófia, Székely Sára, Szentgyörgyi Szandra, Varga Gyöngyvér, Wakabayashi Noémi

A meghivón Roskó Mária, Puskás Marcell, Wakabayashi Noémi munkái láthatók.
Megtekinthető 2020. január 17-ig, hétfőtől-péntekig 13-18 óra között!

Fresh FIShEs XII/B című kiállítása.

A vendégeket és az új FISE tagokat köszönti:
Mascher Róbert a FISE elnöke
A kiállítást megnyitja:
Uhl Gabriella művészettörténész és METU-s hallgatói,
Fazekas Ildikó design- és művészeti menedzser.

Megnyitó: 2020. január 21-én kedden 18 órakor.

Megtekinthető 2020. január 31-ig, hétfőtől-péntekig 13-18 óra között!
Az idén tizenkettedik alkalommal megrendezésre kerülő Fresh Fishes kiállítás ismét színes, fiatalos és lendületes tártattal vár minden érdeklődőt.
Sőt, idén duplázunk is, mivel 2019-ben felvett szilikát, textilművész, formatervező, vizuális kommunikáció, ötvös tagjaink munkáit két kiállításra bontva mutatjuk be. A kiállításokon keresztül megismerhetik a fiatal művészgeneráció friss látásmódját.

Az második alkalommal kiállító művészek:
Bogó Krisztina
Cser Borglárka
Dimény Luca
Farkas Gabriella
Guzsvány Móni
Kertész Krisztina
Kiskéry Dániel
Kiss Lúcia
Sarang Tamás
Szabó Nelli
Sziráki Lili
Szőke Barbara

A meghivón Kiss Lúcia, KIskéry Dániel, Sziráki Lili munkái láthatók.
Megtekinthető 2020. január 131-ig, hétfőtől péntekig 13 és 18 óra között!

Living space

Sallay Anna – textile artist
The objects of our living space are really important in our daily lives, especially the ones made of leather.
We love them, because they are full of life - breathing, aging, just like us. During the creative progress they take their final shape of their own will. The convergent lines on the leather surface of my bags are like structures of the nature around us - evoking the tangled connections of paths.

Tóth Barbara – textiltervező művész
The patterns for the exhibition were inspired by moving from Pest to the countryside four years ago. Initially this change was very strange to her, maybe half year has passed when she got used to to the small-town. The 30-minute walk to the train station was tiring at first, then she discovered the benefits. Later, she became a dog owner, so she was walking with him even more, discovered the nearby forest and lakes in the process. During the walks she gleaned flowers, leaves, tiny plants, which she pressed and digitized. The pressed plants are the basis of the patterns, which were designed for wallpapers.

Zámori Zsófia - textiltervező művész
Different spaces connect to my everyday activities. Looking at these particular actions I have special moves for many small areas in my life. For instance, when I eat alone I use a different part of the kitchen than if I ate with my whole family. I have my personal space in the living room and the bathroom and even in our shared bed. I own a part of the metro when I use public transport and I have my own seat at the cinema. There’s also a section of the street that only I am using when I walk. Actions and places – living spaces.

The name FAIRY-TALE worlds refers to the fact that each fairy tale guides us into a different world. It's like a trip to a fantasy country where anything can happen. Among the exhibited works, there are tales for both younger and older children. We wish you a happy adventure for all those who want to go on adventure !!!

About the artist:
Previously (until 2014) she was primarily engaged
in advertising graphics, and after a few years of ailment,
she gradually switched to illustration work (from 2017).

The contrast between the pencil drawing and
the painting solutions plays an important role in his illustrations.
Its use of color is based primarily on the use of simultaneous contrast.
Occasionally uses collage techniques for Acryl images.

MEAT Design Festival ( http://www.meatdesign.cz/en/ ) is an event that's going to be held from 22. 11. 2019. to 24. 11. 2019. in the Czech Republic's second-largest city, Ostrava. While MEAT is a professional design fair, which - in addition to serving as a marketplace - offers many programmes related to the trade itself and an event to discuss current topics in the field of design. FISE (Studio of Young Designers Association), as the leading design association in Hungary, has been an active participant of MEAT for three years now.

This year, the guests of MEAT Design Festival will be able to see our exhibition called "The true history of design", which has been a great success at Design Week Budapest 2019.

Project leader and organizer: Róbert Mascher DLA, head of FISE - Studio of Young Designers Association
Curator of the project: Daniella Koós DLA

Exhibitors, Zsuzsa Boldizsár, Péter Borkovics, Márta Edőcs, Diána Farkas, Enikő Horn, Katalin Jermakov, Tibor Kárpáti, Orsolya Kecskés, Sára Kele, Ábel Lakatos, Zsófia Papp, Zsolt József Simon, Eszter Söptei, Márton Strohner, Krisztina Stomfai, Barnabás Szakács, Gabriella Veszprémi.

MEAT is supported by the Visegrad Fund ( https://www.visegradfund.org/ )

Close to parallel - Biliczki Anett & Farkas Diána

We would like to invite you to Diána Farkas and Anett Biliczki's first duo exhibition "Close to Parallel" at FISE Gallery. The title reflects on the shared background and unique approach of their art and design practice. Previously, both artists have worked with different silica materials for example plaster and ceramics, although their primary medium and connecting point is the material glass.

Farkas will showcase from her 'Lore' porcelain vessel collection, as well as her newest wall reliefs.
Copenhagen-based Biliczki exhibits her series "Last Winter", which draws on nostalgic references to her reminiscence of the Hungarian winter landscape combined with Scandinavian minimalism.

The exhibition shows the diverse properties of glass and porcelain for instance translucency, fragility, and where the objects correspond to each other through materiality and the nuances of the color white – in a close to parallel manner.

International Multi-disciplinary Student Work Competition

The fifth annual 2019 Meat Design Festival in Ostrava will introduce a multi-disciplinary student work competition focusing on the quality of work presentation. Students from different schools, disciplines and age-groups will present their school projects. They will pit their strength against each other in the ability to convey the idea of their work in a limited format. We want the competition to raise awareness of the fact that not only the product design but also its presentation is crucial on the road to success.
Of course, in practice, the packaging design and furniture design do not usually compete side-by-side. The trend is rather to cooperate; nonetheless, whatever is represented, the communication of the idea is one of the fundamental tasks of the designer, and due attention should be paid to this skill.

That’s why we announce the Meat Design Academy Award for the best-presented design product. The aim is to encourage students to be interested in this skill and to create a platform for communication among young talents and companies, and for establishing new collaborations and products.

The panel will be chaired by a prominent personality of Czech design and consist of a representative organizer of Meat Design as well as representatives of partner companies.

Evaluation Criteria
presentation comprehensibility
presentation concept
quality of work

The competition will consist of two rounds. Of all works submitted, eight will be selected, and these will be printed and presented at Meat Design 2019 in Dolní oblast Vítkovice in
Ostrava (CZ). The panel will then choose the winning work.

Terms of Submission
• applicants must fill out a Google form including all
mandatory attachments by 1 November 2019
• application, annotation and competition poster
must be uploaded in English
• B1 poster in electronic form (print quality)
• one reference picture of the work
• annotation of maximum 1000 characters


The entire presentation of the student project will be in English – the poster as well as the annotation.

Each candidate must complete and hand in the electronic submission form including all mandatory attachments by 1 November 2019:
B1 poster in electronic form,
one reference picture of the work,
annotation of max. 1000 characters.

List of disciplines which can enter the competition:
textile design
furniture design
graphic design
glass design
industrial design
ceramic design
jewelry design

The competition winner will:
-receive a financial reward of €500
-be able to present the winning work during Meat Design 2019
-have the chance to establish cooperation with one of the companies and to participate in the production process of a company from the Moravian-Silesian Region

The announcement ceremony will take place as part of Meat Design 2019, on Saturday, 23 Nov. 2019.

Deadline for application submissions is 1 November 2019.