Exhibition and award ceremony of the Hári 100 drawing and painting competition

The opening and prize-giving ceremony of the exhibition organized by the András Pető Faculty of Semmelweis University (SU APF) from the works of the drawing and painting competition announced on the occasion of the Maria Hárí Jubilee Year.

Gives a welcome speech:
Dr. Miklós Tenk dr. Andrea Zsebe - Dean of SU APF,
Dr. Róbert Mascher - Director of SU APF, Institute of Humanities, President of FISE

Awards and certificates will be presented to:
Dr. Feketéné Éva Szabó - Strategic Deputy Rector SU,
Dr. Miklós Tenk dr. Andrea Zsebe - Dean of SU APF,,
Dr. Túri Ibolya - SE PAK deputy dean of education
Éva Rakonczai - Economic Director of SU APF,
Ágnes Mátyásiné Kiss - Director of SU Pető Pedagogy Institute

Opening: Tuesday, May 14, 2024, at 5 p.m
Address: FISE Gallery, 1054 Budapest, 16th Kálmán Imre Street
It can be viewed until May 31, from Monday to Friday from 13:00 to 18:00.

In the FISE Gallery, the works created by children, young people and adults with physical disabilities who have received conductive education, as well as conductors, student conductors and employees of our faculty, can be seen in three topics.

Sponsors of the application:
Do it for the Children of the Pető Institute Foundation
Faculty of András Pető SU