After graduation young professionals might feel themselves a bit lost in the wide world of design. It is not easy to find information they need, and on the other side, the way of their first works to art-customers can often be too long. Being busy with their careers, young designers will easily drop out of the world they were accustomed as students, daily routine will make them estranged from their previous professional contacts.

That was the reason why FISE (SYDA - Studio of Young Designers Association) was founded. We have been working for young design professionals for 35 years, since 1990 in the form of an association. Our communication is based mainly on the internet. We let our members know about all we are able to reach in e-mails. Articles, tenders, fairs, possibilities of all kinds are sent them regularly. On the other hand we offer an increasingly growing publicity for the membership: books, catalogs, and our home page should make their names known. In our Gallery there are regular exhibitions. As it is in the city, 16th Kálmán Imre street in the 5th district behind the Parliament, exhibitors become enrolled in the middle of Budapest cultural events. Here we have 10-15 events yearly and furthermore we organize about 2-3 group exhibitions to Hungarian or foreign galleries.

Now our Studio has got more than 300 members. Young professionals are can be admitted after a successful entrance exam. Their works, professional abilities and personality are to be presented. The leading board as jury will accept them as members.

Although or Studio is responsible for youngsters, older members over 35 can maintain their membership - and very often they do so. This is a real appreciation of our activity. Even more artists of our members become highly respected representatives of the Hungarian contemporary art and design. University professors, designers of distinction are coming from our association.

Our Studio is a well-known, prestigious professional institution. The leading board consists of ten persons, one for each section. President is elected by the general assembly.

You can reach the works of our members in section-groups from the main page of our site. This page offers you photos through which you will be invited in our everyday life.

May we kindly invite You to our Gallery – we are open from Monday to Friday 13-18 p.m.

Welcome on our home-page!

Róbert Mascher
designer, president of FISE