Jewelry exercises - Paraphrase and exhibition as a method in art education

It will be opened by: Eszter Zámori, head of the Jewelery Practices course and curator of the exhibition
It can be visited: until June 21, on working days between 13:00 and 18:00.
The exhibition is jointly organized by PTE MK and FISE.
A special thank you to the Subject Creation Department of PTE MK!

Creators of the jewelry works of the FISE Collection: Marianna Balázs, Rita Besnyői, Zsuzsa Boldizsár, Andrea Buzás, Dóra Dés, Marcell Égi, Veronika Fazekas, Fruzsi Fekete, Kinga Huber, Orsolya Kecskés, Dániel Kiskéry, László Marosi, Erika Rejka, Sapi Szilágyi, Fanni Vékony, Eszter Zámori

The student works of the Jewelery Practices course were prepared by: Eszter Akácsos, Viola Bálint, Péter Baran, Dóra Bedi, Vivien Galcsik, Enikő Gyergyovits, Regina Jantász, Sára Keszthelyi, Anna Kis, Boróka Pálfai, Csenge Simonváros and Eszter Takács, Enikő Szabadi, Rebeka Szalai, Luca Vigh

Jewelry exercises - Paraphrase and exhibition as a method in art education
"I consider it an important task to get to know the artists and works of the Hungarian contemporary jewelry scene, to present them at an exhibition, and to expand and deepen the knowledge of artist students and prepare reflections.
My course at the Faculty of Arts of the University of Pécs was addressed to the students of metalwork and ceramic design of the Basic Design course and the painting students studying in the undivided training. The Jewelry Practices course was an experimental field and an exciting challenge for the comparison and supportive coordination of different art fields and creative work processes. During the two spring semesters, the students created paraphrases of individual jewelry pieces from the FISE Collection. The results of the work of the first semester were presented in October 2023 at the Nádor Gallery in Pécs. The entire material will now be on display at the exhibition opening at the FISE Gallery - together with the works created this year.
The students were connected to the chosen jewelry according to an essential aspect and could think about the genre of pendants or necklaces. The detailed session is presented in their creative journal. The course also provided space for practicing creative text writing. The students' works were included in the Student Work section of the FISE Collection."

The catalog of Jewelry Practices can be viewed here: