METU Craft & Design - The future generation - exhibition

The exhibition will be opened by: Szilvia Csanádi-Bognár, esthete, art historian, university assistant professor
Institute of Art and Design Theory

Opening on Wednesday, April 3, 2024 at 6 p.m.
It can be viewed until April 16, 2024, from Monday to Friday from 13:00 to 18:00.

METU Craft & Design - The future generation (Award winners of the Craft and Design section of the 36th OTDK from METU)

The creative person reflects on himself and the world from a special point of view. He constantly refines this reflection, first with his master - this creates a special master-student dialogue. At some point, creative thinking has to step out of the comfort zone and show itself in front of professional discussions and in public, and prove its vitality and right to exist.

An excellent forum for this is the scientific student conference, in the Art and Art Science Section, many young talents from the country's higher education institutions compared their knowledge. Creative talent was honored by 12 award-winning projects in the Craft and Design departments of the Budapest Metropolitan University. The Studio of Young Artists offered the first, second and third place winners the opportunity to introduce themselves as a special prize.

The students of the university's Department of Fashion and Textiles and Department of Architecture and Design present contemporary life feelings, socially and environmentally conscious problems, and everyday situations with their individual vision. They ask questions, curiously research, experiment, and look for the best solution. Just as many generations have done. Their vision is always the latest, their questions are relevant, and their answers echo the past and the future at the same time. They bravely touch on very personal topics, talk about evidence that pushes the boundaries of banality or dissect a traditional culture. Operating with traditional techniques, they reach for completely unusual materials, creating a surprising effect, or even take apart the usual forms and turn them upside down, achieving unexpected results. In their thinking, the concept of the obvious loses its limits, in their creative attitude, the future lies unnoticed in their curiosity and openness.

At the exhibition, we see chairs, benches, clothes, textiles, and bags, but behind them, we are faced with a forward-looking, researching gaze. This exhibition is a snapshot of the future generation of designers.

Design department
Krisztina Burger, Violetta Szatmári, Nikoletta Szigeti - Spine (Dr. Erzsébet Bachmann, Gergely Nádas) Design 1st place
Jex Lili - The junction (Gergely Nádas) Design 3rd place
Fanni Tóth - Kanagawa (Hajnal Baráth, Erika Rejka, György Rózner) Design Special Award

Craft 1 class
Detre Mikolt Tünde - Movement (Eszter Révész DLA) 1st place
Hedvig Vranek - Street wrap (Adél Kovács) 2nd place
Pécz Tekla - The woman (Zsuzsanna Aranyosi DLA) 3rd place
Gyarmathy Cili- Evening tales (Zsuzsanna Aranyosi DLA) Craft special prize

Craft 2 class
Szimonetta Lóki - Connection (Adél Kovács, Zsófia Rákhely) 3rd place
Fanni Gyurián - STORAGE INSPIRED BY NATURAL FORM (Judit Ducsai) Craft Special Prize