Close to parallel - The exhibition of Anett Biliczki and Diana Farkas

Close to parallel - Biliczki Anett & Farkas Diána

We would like to invite you to Diána Farkas and Anett Biliczki's first duo exhibition "Close to Parallel" at FISE Gallery. The title reflects on the shared background and unique approach of their art and design practice. Previously, both artists have worked with different silica materials for example plaster and ceramics, although their primary medium and connecting point is the material glass.

Farkas will showcase from her 'Lore' porcelain vessel collection, as well as her newest wall reliefs.
Copenhagen-based Biliczki exhibits her series "Last Winter", which draws on nostalgic references to her reminiscence of the Hungarian winter landscape combined with Scandinavian minimalism.

The exhibition shows the diverse properties of glass and porcelain for instance translucency, fragility, and where the objects correspond to each other through materiality and the nuances of the color white – in a close to parallel manner.