Artistic freedom

Exhibiton of Marianna Balázs and Lili Sziráki

Opening: 25th of June 6 pm
Openin speech by Ildikó Fazekas art and design manager

Finissage: 5th of July 5 pm
Open: till 5th of July every weekday between 1 pm and 6 pm
Supported by NKA

´The horses' feet are tickled by the grass, the birds´feet are tickled by the horses.'

By linking the two branches of art, jewelry and photography, we attempt to show how the process of object creation is related to the space, in which the artist grew up.

Through feelings, moods and relationships, our exhibition "tickles" the viewer to discover a story, leaving the possibility of free associations in the connection of photos and objects. Nevertheless we will reveal why the horses´ feet are tickled by the grass and the birds´ feet by the horses.