Transformation - Exhibition of the creative jewelry specialization diploma of the METU Fashion and Textile Department

Transformation - Exhibition of the creative jewelry specialization diploma of the Fashion and Textile Department of the Budapest Metropolitan University
Opening on Tuesday, July 9, 2024 at 6 p.m.
At the opening, Dr. György Árpád Hunor delivers the greeting
university assistant professor, METU design artist, head of the master's program
It can be viewed until July 19, 2024, from Monday to Friday from 14:00 to 18:00

Within the framework of the three-year training, the emphasis was on design training, where after the first foundation year, students learned the technologies of leather and metalwork and learned about a complex negotiation process. The main goal of the training is to find individual paths and to deepen the designer's thinking, for which the METU Fashion and Textile Department provided many special cooperation opportunities. It provided an opportunity for newly graduated students.

The exhibition titled Transformation presents the diploma theses of the Creative Jewelry specialization students who graduated in 2024 and the most important points of the path they have taken.

A special thank you to the staff of the Department of Fashion and Textiles, the Bachelor of Arts and Crafts Design specialization, and to everyone who helped and contributed to the special projects: Renátó Árpás, Anna Börcsök, Judit Ducsai, Gaál Gyöngyvér, Katalin Jermakov, László Marosi, Orsolya Poppre, Erika Rejka and many others.

Exhibiting artists: Gergely Balogh, Tímea Csimin, Chiara Musso, Fanni Gyurián, Brigitta Kovács, Fanni Matus, Anna Pankó, Júlia Szentgyörgyi, Eszter Pollermann, Annamária Réka Tőkés

The ars poetics of the graduating students:

_ _ _ REMEMBER 2023
Supervisor: Anna Börcsök
Consultant: Judit Ducsai, László Marosi
Alternative keepsake collection consisting of 3 pieces of jewelry and 3 storage cases. What would happen if the moment was lost, if it was erased? What will we remember for posterity? In what alternative amulets and talismans would the present age of humanity be preserved? In what rocks would people find the imprints of a certain generation in the future?

FÉNY-ÉK, 2024
Supervisor: Anna Börcsök
Consultant: Judit Ducsai, László Marosi
The final task examines the relationship between light and form known in architecture. With the help of translucent raw materials, the bracelets create an effect that deforms and highlights the proportions of the chosen body part, showing new dimensions under the influence of light. It is complemented by columns that store jewelry, which shape the view into a sculpture.

Chiara Musso
Illusions, 2023
Supervisor: Katalin Jermakov
Consultant: Orsolya Poppre
He investigated the impact of expectations and social pressure on people's body image and self-image. Many people struggle with symptoms of body dissatisfaction and body dysmorphia, which have a negative impact on their psychological and emotional well-being. In the designed objects, bodily defects are presented in a playful and caricature manner, thereby pointing out that every person has unique features and beauty flaws. Accessories encourage people to dare to step out of the rigid framework of beauty ideals and accept and celebrate their own uniqueness.

It's never enough, 2023
Supervisor: Judit Ducsai
Consultant: Anna Börcsök, László Marosi
Jewelry and accessory collection that can be built in a modular system.

A jewel within a jewel, 2024
Supervisor: Judit Ducsai
Consultant: Anna Börcsök
The final assignment is about the relationship between time and sport. The jewelry in the jewelry series consists of four bronze jewelry and the wooden cases organically connected to them. The pieces intended for athletes function as jewelry in which, unlike a medal, they can be worn on a daily basis. The wearer of the jewelry is inspired by personalized memories under the QR code inside the object, their own athletic successes, and inner spiritual strength in difficult moments.

Supervisor: Judit Ducsai
Consultant: Anna Börcsök, László Marosi
The final assignment investigates women's relationship with their own and their female partners' body hair. Basically, it is a very deep-rooted social phenomenon that starts with reactions to body hair and continues with the compulsion to remove body hair. The 5 phases of the relationship system are illustrated in the supplementary series, where we gradually progress from full coverage to learning, to acceptance itself.

Submergence, 2024
Supervisor: Judit Ducsai
Consultant: Anna Börcsök In recent decades, we have been discovering more and more, but the world of our seas remains an unknown cosmos interwoven with mysticism. This foreign environment provides a suitable basis for the proliferation of various phobias and fictional stories. The completed bags respond to the fear of large bodies of water and display the emotions of an anxious person. We, who enter these environments, always remain the same, only fear, darkness and a sense of space grow around us.

Step by step, 2024
Supervisor: Judit Ducsai
Consultants: Anna Börcsök, László Marosi
The central elements of the collection are the connection of materials and the transformation of human walking. He designed unique shoe shapes, initially uncomfortable and non-functional, made almost entirely of wood. As we progress through the pieces of the collection, the shoes become more and more comfortable and usable, until finally the last pair is completely finished and ready to wear.

Glimpses, 2024
Supervisor: Anna Börcsök
Consultants: Judit Ducsai, László Marosi
The conceptual glasses and storage collection focuses on everyday stress and its prevention. Symbolic objects can create personal rituals. The main goal is to arouse children's joy and curiosity. I want someone's first reaction to see these glasses to be one of surprise and curiosity

La Resistance, 2024
Supervisor: Anna Börcsök
Consultants: Judit Ducsai, László Marosi
The final assignment entitled "Resistance" examines domestic violence. Interviews with the volunteers of NANE, Nők a Nőkért Együtt of the Association Against Violence helped to create a more complete, comprehensive picture. They gave us a glimpse into the perspective of those involved.
The three unique pieces of jewelry made of paper porcelain and leather have symbolic significance. The pendant part of the necklace reflects "violence", with slap and punch marks, and the word "provocative" is placed on the third pendant. All three cases look similar, but their contents are different, but one thing still connects the wearers of the jewelry, and that is violence.