WE TEXT - exhibition of ceramic artist Kinga Evelin Várbiró and graphic artist Kristóf Turzó

Opening on Tuesday, June 20, 2023 at 6 p.m.
It will be opened by ceramic artist Zsuzsa Ujj.
The exhibition can be viewed until July 7, 2023, from Monday to Friday from 13PM to 18PM

Deciphering ceramics
Kinga Evelin Várbiró is a ceramic artist who not only identifies the universal problem of our times, the immense challenge and effort to concentrate in a world of permanent impulses but using her instruments of art she communicates her short announcements of common values in lasting materials rather than using vanishing text messages. Her creative process is motivated by the wish for a simpler and more understable world and in the chaotic daily life.

Turzó Kristóf, a graphic designer, presents a modular typeface system, identity design based on typography, and experimental letterforms. The letters appear as illustrative elements in his works, often pushing the boundaries of legibility and prioritizing experimentation and visual storytelling over information conveyance.