workBENCH 8.

Zsófi Zámori at work

In this series the members show their workbench: the place where plans come true, projects materialize.
Responser: Zsófia Zámori textile-designer

Zsófi is an early-bird, she is able and likes to work in the morning. If the inspiration is missing she makes some housework, for example pairing 100 socks of the family.
She uses various of material because the textile-designers regard everything as textile... so she uses paper, pencil, paint,yarn, a lot of different kind of tools... She likes the experimentation with alternative stuffs - now she is in fight with a 50 meters long chain.
Zsófi gets inspiration from the system of the nature, sructures, traditionally technics, and what is the most important: the material which she works with. It she still got the main idea and she got the material wich is fit for it the spectrum of the possibilities is open.
She doesn't need any 'dopping' if she is in flow. The problems are solved by talking and discussing, her economist husband is a very correct critic.
Next to work Zsófi doesn't like to listening music or anything else, but when everything is ready in head and in plans, and just the finishing comes she listens to audiobooks, classical music, Kispál, ZAZ, african native music, funky...

She would like to have a bigger worktable - or two with a lot of useful tools!

Further infos about Zsófi and her works:

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