workBENCH 7.

KIMAGU - at work

In this series the members show their workbench: the place where plans come true, projects materialize.
Responser: MÁRTON GYULA KISS alias KIMAGU, graphic designer, illustrator

Marci likes working in the evening or at night - he said it is not so surprising. But since he works in a full-time job he's active night and day.
Sometimes he uses traditionally hand-drawing techniques but his most used 'tool' is a Wacom tablet.
He is always searching for inspiration, there're lot of things could make impression to him: photography, fashion, artworks, architecture, public life, philosophy, nature, music, etc. He spends time to browse on Behance or on Pinterest. Marci doesn't like tea or coffee to work..
If he has deadlock starts to work with something else or tries to have a 'reset' by sport.
Marci uses the music as a conscious way of inspiration, he knows which music fit to which theme. His musical intrests gets a broad spectrum from the metal to synthie-pop.
His wish: a bigger worktable; but the biggest wish: a Wacom Cintiq tablet!

Further infos about Marci and his works: