workBENCH 12. - Dániel Kiskéry

Show your workplace! - new responder: Dániel Kiskéry jewel designer

Dani can work best at the evening or at night - this habit comes from university, and he tries to give it up. His main tool is the 3D printer - as the picture shows.
His inspiration comes from science - the goal of his own design brand is to combine the science and engineering knowledge with the art of the jewels.
He never drinks coffee and nor really likes tea - prefers a good strong beer to spin up!
Dani works on several different projects, so if there is a gap in one of it he just starts work with another, so he can get new and fresh aspect again. He's constantly listening to music: spotify, youtube or audiobooks, podcasts...
He really could be happy with a new SLS printer - it could make a big progress for his workroom.

Find more about Dani on his website: