Function and Construction - an exhibition by textile artist Eszter Söptei and painter Krisztina Dózsa-Farkas

Opening by Kinga Abaffy, design and art theorist
Opening: 30 June 2022, Thursday 18:00.
On view until 15 July 2022,Monday to Friday from 13-18.

The work of textile artist Eszti Söptei is defined by patterns inspired by geometrical laws and mathematical relationships, and by an exciting use of colour. Her visual world is often characterised by a kind of optical play, based on a system of relations between plane and space.

Artist Krisztina Dózsa-Farkas creates concrete illusions with the help of colour and form. She strives to make recognition possible through maximum abstraction.
Her style blends between Minimal Art, Color Field Painting, Geometry Art, Op-Art. He creates his paintings with a highly sensitive coordination of forms and colours, colour sequences.
The perfection of the realisation gives the impression of technical synthesis. At first glance, the decorative paintings radiate calm and harmony, and only over time do their true impact and message emerge.