Fresh FIShEs XIII.

New year, new members, new exhibition!

We are open again - but visitors have to tegister on this LINK

You can come and check the exhibition at a non-usual opening on 19th and 20th of January, Ildikó Fazekas and Gabriella Uhl will be there to talk about the artpieces.

Diósi Máté, Győrbíró Csenge, Hári István, Komár Sabrina, Labus Lili, Márföldi Dóra, Márton Marianna, Póth Rebeka, Simon Réka, Turzó Kristóf, Vándor Krisztina, Vincze-Bába Gabriella, Wachsler Vica

Please, wear a mask if you come in the gallery!