Face to face / Róbert Mascher

This series is about the management of FISE.
They are the members who can be contacted if you have some question or problem, they can be seen to come and go nervously before events and exhibitions...
But who are they - beyond their work?

Name: Robert Mascher
Design (and the leader of the management)

Zodiac: Virgo

Job what you wanted as a child: What a surprise: aircraftman

Favourite month / time of the day: May / nightfall

I YOU will be a colour: red&black

Recreation:outdoor beer-drinking, painting, but all I need is more sleep

Last book you read: Háy János: Házasságon innen és túl

Last culture event or experience you enjoyed: I’m a fun of Béla Pintér and his company, so I can say whichever performance of them

3 can’t-live-without stuffs: 1. Smartphone - what else?, 2. my beloved SAAB cars, 3. bagpack

Favourite designer / artist: Luigi Colani, who was a futuristic designer in his time, and he was found of the airplanes too
Project of your wishful thinking: I’m afraid it is a past time story already. In 2011 I had a chance to plan the inner cabin of the Virgin Galactic SpaceShip Two. I worked for a little Hungarian company, Corvus Aircraft Ltd., it was the firstclass about composit-tehcnology. My concept plans went to California and the Spaceship Company was pleased with them. But there was some financial problem at Corvus, so the company went bankrupt, and all the plans flew away... that’s called: ces’t la vie.

One sentence about you: Not your decision how long will be your life - but your decision is how wide is.

More: (OK, old things, and not exaclty pure design) www.AviationArt.hu