CROWN / JEWELS - auction for children

auction for children
The Art Jewelry Night of Budapest organizes a charity auction with the support of FISE.
Following the very successful Italian initiative, the “Crown Jewels Funding Italy” & portuguese-spanish JEWELLERS IN AuCTION an online auction will be launched as a continuation „KORONA / ÉKSZER - aukció a gyermekekért” (CROWN / JEWELS - auction for children) during which we auction the works offered by contemporary jewelry designers.
Our goal is to improve the living conditions of children who suffer from Covid-19 pandemic situation even more. From the proceeds, we intend to support three civil foundations and associations working with children who can provide targeted assistance to those in need through food, educational tools or integration efforts.
100% of the donations goes to the institutions!


The “Ablak a padra” (Window to the Bench) campaign was launched by the Láncreakció (Chain Reaction), a joint program team of the Civil Kollégium Alapítvány (Civil College Foundation) and the Esély Labor Egyesület (Chance Labor Association), in partnership with the Láthatatlan Tanoda (Invisible School) and the “aHang” platform. The aim of the action is to provide digital tools to disadvantaged children who recently became excluded from distance education due to lack of proper machines and internet access through schools and community organizers. The “Ablak a padra” collects laptops, tablets, and monetary donations to purchase digital devices.

The diverse activities of the “Igazgyöngy Alapítvány” (True Pearl Foundation) are primarily aimed at children and young people living on the periphery. Their long-term mission includes creating opportunities, catching up, and educating for independence. Thanks to their careful work, they achieve outstanding success in the development and artistic training of disadvantaged children, as well as in improving the living conditions of families living in deep poverty.

The fundraising campaign, “Még egy falat” (One more morsel) was launched by the Civil Kollégium Alapítvány (Civil College Foundation) and the Esély Labor Egyesület (Chance Labor Association), and the “aHang” campaign platform to help those living in segregation especially affected by the outcome of pandemic. Food and cleaning products purchased from the money received are delivered to 12 municipalities through local community organizers, which is also a huge help to families raising children because only a bowl of food a day can be given free access to disadvantaged children by closing schools.

Please join the group below, and you can make your offer from the 11th of may till the 16 of may 20:00(CET) Central European Time. You can make your bid in HUF/Ft - 1EUR=350HUF. Bidding should be raised minimum with 1000HUF~2,86EUR
Dont forget, 100% of Your donation goes to the institutions!

If you are a jewelry designer and you want to join us, donating a piece to be auctioned, you can upload the image directly in our „KORONA / ÉKSZER - aukció a gyermekekért” facebook group till the 10th of may 2020.