Metaphor Visual Play (The World of Meta-images Through Surrealistic Illusion) - Solo Show of Chang Sik Kim

Metaphor Visual Play (The World of Meta-images Through Surrealistic Illusion) - Solo Show of Chang Sik Kim

The exhibition will be opened by:
Péter Bence Simon
Red Dot award-winning typographer, adjunct professor at the Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design

Exhibition opening event: April 18, 2024 from 6 p.m
Location: FISE Gallery, Kálmán Imre street 16., 1054 Budapest, HUNGARY
On view: until April 23, 2024, Monday to Friday from 13:00 to 18:00

At the opening of the exhibition, Chang Sik Kim will personally give an introductory talk on his past and recent works and his world-renowned curatorial and conference organizing work.

Chang Sik Kim is a professor at San Jose State University (USA), a typographer, and a creative director at Vol-So Design. His specialty is brand and information design, and typogram (type and image integration), particularly in the use of visual metaphors and methodologies to conceptualize complex ideas.

Chang was the recipient of the Presidential Prize in the National Design Awards in Korea. He has published three complete books, written multiple articles, and held fifteen solo exhibitions in Spain, the United Kingdom, Poland, Hungary, Armenia, Japan, Korea, and the United States. Professionally, he has designed several newspapers, magazines, and more than 150 book covers, in addition to creating many successful character (mascot) and brand designs, as well as several typeface designs for Korean and Latin alphabets for branding projects. He has also served as a juror for several international design competitions such as "Poster for Tomorrow," "Granshan," "Wow Design Festa," and "ideec," among others. Chang’s clients have included Samsung, Yahoo, Hyundai Motors, Hammer Theatre, HP Computer, and Amazon, among others. His research papers and works have appeared in professional conferences and publications, including Graphis, Print, How, MAC World Korea, and Baseline magazines, as well as international conference journals like ICOGRADA, Granshan, AIGA, and Munich Design Week.

The Artist’s exhibition concept:

Typogram is a visual pun through typographic play. I love to play with signs, symbols, and icons. I was also fascinated by a similar element of visual play with types and images known as expressive typogram. This visual expression empowers memorable, symbolic, and conceptual messages to its audience. The compelling optical illusion with dual meanings may enjoyably communicate concepts. It has been a great interest of mine and an inspirational element for my work and teaching philosophy since I become a graphic designer and an educator later. Often, this would manifest in my client projects’ such as logotype, branding design, mascots, or graphics/illustrations on book designs.