“Möbius Studies” - the exhibition of Szandra Szentgyörgyi 11.05.2021.

“Möbius Studies” - the exhibition of Szandra Szentgyörgyi

The exhibition will be opened by architect Nóra Demeter.

In line with the epidemic situation, we are waiting for the interested on the basis of prior registration on May 11 from 6 pm to 8 pm. The opening speech will take place at 6 pm, after which 7-7 people will be able to view the exhibition by guiding the exhibitor by registering in 4 more time zones. Log in to the event at the link below:

Those interested can follow the event live on our Facebook page.
The exhibition can be viewed after May 12 until May 21, from Monday to Friday from 1 pm to 6 pm with registration, with an exact date, no later than the day before the planned visit: iroda@fise.hu.
It is mandatory to wear a MASK when visiting the exhibition!

“Möbius Studies”
Repetitive structures come together into a common framework, orderliness in the endless number of variations. Individually weak, flexible surfaces become strong as the consequence of form creation. I’m studying and modelling the functioning of this static principle therefore I chose a formal element that always behaves differently with the variations of size and texture. In addition to static aspects, I am interested in light effects appearing on different materials, e.g. light-shadow effects on nets, on transparent or reflective surfaces. I’m working on making these studies applicable for interior lighting from lamps to light installations.