Textile design

Carry on with our members and their secret creative-corners!
Another member shows to us a place where ideas materialized!

strong>Responser: Zsófia Beliczay ceramic- and textile designer

Zsófi prefers the afternoon and evening for work - but in fact in the morning she mostly teaches or go for a walk with her dog, or simply just stay in bed... Her favourite tool is the loom, the work with it is like meditation. She feels lucky to work with wide variety of materials: clay, concrete, wood, papers, textiles and cominations of these. This kind of multidisciplinary cames by chance at first, but now she rather enjoy it... She drinks tea for work - every type of it, but always without sugar or sweetener, and always drinks it hot - without any rum. :)
If she has a block in a process she usually sleps on it - and the answer come in her dreams. (She believes in her dreams since graduation when a dream helped her in literature exam.) She likes listening to music next to work, but she can watch movies or intervies too. Her latest good experienc was a talk with Krisztián Grecsó (who is a writer), it was interesting how a serious disease can change one's world. What she really needs: more place! Now she always has to put an order before a new process to have enough place for it. She just started her Instagram-page with a new series of pattern-design, and she really enjoy to use fel pens for this activity instead of computer.

Further more about Zsófi and her works HEREtalálhattok!

workBENCH reloaded!

In this series the members show their workbench: the place where plans come true, projects materialize. Here comes new workplaces, it is more than current nowadays when most of us have to stay at home and work in home-office!

First responser in reloaded: Ágnes Elek, textile designer

Ágnes has no special period in a day to create, if she has only one or two hours (stricktly after family and official working hours) she starts to work for herself. She prefers the evenings when the world calms down, and the endless freedom and peace helps her work till night. In fact she always thinks about solving technical problems...
She mostly uses pencils and reused papers for planning, and the best ideas birth on shopping-list notes.
The main inspiration cames from her 5 years old son, he gives plenty of topics for the team of the KACs Műhely - it is a visual education workshop-team, Ágnes is one of the founder and co-worker. But there are a lot of trivial (but very important) daily activity which gives her inspiration such as washing the dishes, or washing the laundry, cooking or gardening.
She loves coffee, and there is nothing to replace it.
If something make her stop she really sop with it, and the solution comes in the most unexpected moment, and it is not uncommon either if the solution comes at night in a dream.
For working she listening to podcats in various topics: gastronomy, social history, philosophy, religious history or sustainability and environmental protection.
Her biggest wish is a loom - which is too big to place it on a workbench, but of Course she could place it somewhere else...

Find more about the workshops of Ágnes at: KACs Műhely

Living space

Sallay Anna – textile artist
The objects of our living space are really important in our daily lives, especially the ones made of leather.
We love them, because they are full of life - breathing, aging, just like us. During the creative progress they take their final shape of their own will. The convergent lines on the leather surface of my bags are like structures of the nature around us - evoking the tangled connections of paths.

Tóth Barbara – textiltervező művész
The patterns for the exhibition were inspired by moving from Pest to the countryside four years ago. Initially this change was very strange to her, maybe half year has passed when she got used to to the small-town. The 30-minute walk to the train station was tiring at first, then she discovered the benefits. Later, she became a dog owner, so she was walking with him even more, discovered the nearby forest and lakes in the process. During the walks she gleaned flowers, leaves, tiny plants, which she pressed and digitized. The pressed plants are the basis of the patterns, which were designed for wallpapers.

Zámori Zsófia - textiltervező művész
Different spaces connect to my everyday activities. Looking at these particular actions I have special moves for many small areas in my life. For instance, when I eat alone I use a different part of the kitchen than if I ate with my whole family. I have my personal space in the living room and the bathroom and even in our shared bed. I own a part of the metro when I use public transport and I have my own seat at the cinema. There’s also a section of the street that only I am using when I walk. Actions and places – living spaces.

The mostly for prevention created works have been made during the recent one and a half year. The original idea of the exhibition was born within the walls of the National Cancer Institute. Thanks to the side effects of the intravenous treatments medicines and operations the idea transformed into visually enjoyable works

A kiállítást Mészáros Zsuzska építész nyitja meg.
Megnyitó: 2019. október 22-én, kedden 18 órakor.
Megtekinthető 2019. november 8-ig, hétfőtől-péntekig 13-18 óra között!

Exhibition of Anett Papp and Viktória Zachar textile desginers

Opening: 5th of June 7 pm
Opening speech: Valéria Póczos

Both of the exhibiting textile designers deal with the complexity of woven systems.
Viktória's modular carpet collection is made from recycled wool. The inspiration of the "Moth" series is the construction of the wing of different kind of moth.
Anett's works based on the nature, somewhere on teh border of the natural and human power. The question is how can the organic system and the abstract system of our world approaching each other?

Exhibition is open till: 15th of June every weekday between 1 pm and 6 pm.

Facebook-event HERE

Exhibition of Eszter Söptei textile designer

Home textiles with Triangels, Geometric waves, Rhombuses. Playful patterns between rules and irregularity.
And why Internship? The gallery turns into a textile-interior, and the designer will be present constantly during the exhibition, move into the space of the gallery. You can mett her face to face on the opening, and online during the whole period of the exhibition.

Opening: 30th of January 6 p.m.
Opening speech: Ildikó Fazekas Art and design manager



This series is about the management of FISE.

They are the members who can be contacted if you have some question or problem, they can be seen to come and go nervously before the events and the exhibitions…
But who are they – beyond their work?

Name: Kanics Márta
Textile design

Zodiac: Aquarius

Job what you wanted as a child I always wanted to work with textile materials.

Favourite month / time of the day: All the seasons have their own miracle but my favourite is the spring because it includes the option of the renewal. I like early mornings because of the beautiful lights.

If YOU will be a colour: Maybe the greyish blue and purple by dawn's early lights. But I am absolutely a fan of the colours, I love lot of colours, supremely black and white, silvergrey, magenta, lilac and blue...

Recreation: Travel, but an exhibition, a good movie, a book or some kind of move can recreate or inspirate me.

Last book you read: I like biographies, so the last one was about Vivienne Westwood from Ian Kelly.

Last culture event or experience you enjoyed: Exhibition: Hungarian Desing Award 2015. Professional experience: Erasmus visit in Canterbury in 2016

3 can't-live-without stuffs: engagement diary, favourite scarf and a watch which fits to the actual season

Favourite designer / artist: Designer: Iris Van Herpen, Artist: István Nádler

Project of your wishful thinking: Teamwork with designers from other speclialty, there are some hope it will come true soon.

One sentece about you: Believe in yourself and the other will come.

Further and more:

FISE Galery

exhibition by Mónika Kovács, textile-designer

Opening: 13th of June, 6 p.m.

The exhibition will be opened by Judit Z. Halmágyi DLA

The exhibition will be open till 30th of June every weekday from 13 p.m. to 18. p.m.

Colours of Bianka Balázsi

In this multicoloured series the colours are in the focus.
Every responder choose a colour and an object.

Player: Bianka Balázsi, textile designer

Colour: Magenta.

Whys: I like this one because it's very cheerful and make me creative again and again.

Highlighted object: Cottage sharpener.

Ennek sztorija: I bought it in Milano in a Tiger shop - at that time there was no available here in Budapest. I love the stuffs there, the prices are so friendly and the items are nice, funny.

Further about Bianka: