You can bid on the works of FISE members until July 26 in our joint online auction with the Wilson & Cohen Auction House!
We recommend it to all craft and design enthusiasts!

The Studio of Young Applied Artists Association and the Wilson & Cohen Contemporary Auction House will hold an online auction in support of FISE creators from June 29 to July 26, aimed at helping the best young Hungarian applied artists and designers in the COVID-19 pandemic.

Valuable and exciting material submitted directly by FISE members can be bid online until July 26th. Each lot does not close at the same time, starting on July 26 at 18:00, the lots will expire by one minute in ascending order of the lot number.


Due to the coronavirus epidemic, the FISE Gallery will be closed for an indefinite time.

In last November the FISE attentded MEAT DESIGN OSTRAVA festival, and after that here come a wonderful interview with our member, Diána Farkas, who spoke about: "my time spent abroad, all the influences that shaped me as a creator, and how I see Czech compared to Hungary in terms of art and design, education here and there.... How was my time in UMPRUM Plraha in Rony Plesl's studio.How I'm thinking as a designer and so on..."

First chapter: https://youtu.be/B3SYVrziu_g
Second chapter: https://youtu.be/he8KGGJi8TU

Thanks for the organizers, and hope we can return to Ostrava next November again!

Show your workplace! - new responder: Dániel Kiskéry jewel designer

Dani can work best at the evening or at night - this habit comes from university, and he tries to give it up. His main tool is the 3D printer - as the picture shows.
His inspiration comes from science - the goal of his own design brand is to combine the science and engineering knowledge with the art of the jewels.
He never drinks coffee and nor really likes tea - prefers a good strong beer to spin up!
Dani works on several different projects, so if there is a gap in one of it he just starts work with another, so he can get new and fresh aspect again. He's constantly listening to music: spotify, youtube or audiobooks, podcasts...
He really could be happy with a new SLS printer - it could make a big progress for his workroom.

Find more about Dani on his website:

auction for children
The Art Jewelry Night of Budapest organizes a charity auction with the support of FISE.
Following the very successful Italian initiative, the “Crown Jewels Funding Italy” & portuguese-spanish JEWELLERS IN AuCTION an online auction will be launched as a continuation „KORONA / ÉKSZER - aukció a gyermekekért” (CROWN / JEWELS - auction for children) during which we auction the works offered by contemporary jewelry designers.
Our goal is to improve the living conditions of children who suffer from Covid-19 pandemic situation even more. From the proceeds, we intend to support three civil foundations and associations working with children who can provide targeted assistance to those in need through food, educational tools or integration efforts.
100% of the donations goes to the institutions!


The “Ablak a padra” (Window to the Bench) campaign was launched by the Láncreakció (Chain Reaction), a joint program team of the Civil Kollégium Alapítvány (Civil College Foundation) and the Esély Labor Egyesület (Chance Labor Association), in partnership with the Láthatatlan Tanoda (Invisible School) and the “aHang” platform. The aim of the action is to provide digital tools to disadvantaged children who recently became excluded from distance education due to lack of proper machines and internet access through schools and community organizers. The “Ablak a padra” collects laptops, tablets, and monetary donations to purchase digital devices. https://en.ablakapadra.com/

The diverse activities of the “Igazgyöngy Alapítvány” (True Pearl Foundation) are primarily aimed at children and young people living on the periphery. Their long-term mission includes creating opportunities, catching up, and educating for independence. Thanks to their careful work, they achieve outstanding success in the development and artistic training of disadvantaged children, as well as in improving the living conditions of families living in deep poverty. https://igazgyongyalapitvany.hu/en/about-us/

The fundraising campaign, “Még egy falat” (One more morsel) was launched by the Civil Kollégium Alapítvány (Civil College Foundation) and the Esély Labor Egyesület (Chance Labor Association), and the “aHang” campaign platform to help those living in segregation especially affected by the outcome of pandemic. Food and cleaning products purchased from the money received are delivered to 12 municipalities through local community organizers, which is also a huge help to families raising children because only a bowl of food a day can be given free access to disadvantaged children by closing schools. https://ahang.hu/megegyfalat/

Please join the group below, and you can make your offer from the 11th of may till the 16 of may 20:00(CET) Central European Time. You can make your bid in HUF/Ft - 1EUR=350HUF. Bidding should be raised minimum with 1000HUF~2,86EUR
Dont forget, 100% of Your donation goes to the institutions!

If you are a jewelry designer and you want to join us, donating a piece to be auctioned, you can upload the image directly in our „KORONA / ÉKSZER - aukció a gyermekekért” facebook group till the 10th of may 2020.

Carry on with our members and their secret creative-corners!
Another member shows to us a place where ideas materialized!

strong>Responser: Zsófia Beliczay ceramic- and textile designer

Zsófi prefers the afternoon and evening for work - but in fact in the morning she mostly teaches or go for a walk with her dog, or simply just stay in bed... Her favourite tool is the loom, the work with it is like meditation. She feels lucky to work with wide variety of materials: clay, concrete, wood, papers, textiles and cominations of these. This kind of multidisciplinary cames by chance at first, but now she rather enjoy it... She drinks tea for work - every type of it, but always without sugar or sweetener, and always drinks it hot - without any rum. :)
If she has a block in a process she usually sleps on it - and the answer come in her dreams. (She believes in her dreams since graduation when a dream helped her in literature exam.) She likes listening to music next to work, but she can watch movies or intervies too. Her latest good experienc was a talk with Krisztián Grecsó (who is a writer), it was interesting how a serious disease can change one's world. What she really needs: more place! Now she always has to put an order before a new process to have enough place for it. She just started her Instagram-page with a new series of pattern-design, and she really enjoy to use fel pens for this activity instead of computer.

Further more about Zsófi and her works HEREtalálhattok!

workBENCH reloaded!

In this series the members show their workbench: the place where plans come true, projects materialize. Here comes new workplaces, it is more than current nowadays when most of us have to stay at home and work in home-office!

First responser in reloaded: Ágnes Elek, textile designer

Ágnes has no special period in a day to create, if she has only one or two hours (stricktly after family and official working hours) she starts to work for herself. She prefers the evenings when the world calms down, and the endless freedom and peace helps her work till night. In fact she always thinks about solving technical problems...
She mostly uses pencils and reused papers for planning, and the best ideas birth on shopping-list notes.
The main inspiration cames from her 5 years old son, he gives plenty of topics for the team of the KACs Műhely - it is a visual education workshop-team, Ágnes is one of the founder and co-worker. But there are a lot of trivial (but very important) daily activity which gives her inspiration such as washing the dishes, or washing the laundry, cooking or gardening.
She loves coffee, and there is nothing to replace it.
If something make her stop she really sop with it, and the solution comes in the most unexpected moment, and it is not uncommon either if the solution comes at night in a dream.
For working she listening to podcats in various topics: gastronomy, social history, philosophy, religious history or sustainability and environmental protection.
Her biggest wish is a loom - which is too big to place it on a workbench, but of Course she could place it somewhere else...

Find more about the workshops of Ágnes at: KACs Műhely

There should be the exhibition of Krisztina Bogó in the FISE Gallery, Indonesian resourcefulnesses.

We waited the event excitedly, but now we only can show some pictures to recapture the mood of the exhibition...

We will open the exhibition as soon as possible, so keep in touch!

Tanodától az egyetemig - MOME életképek
CSIPES ANTAL iparművész kiállítása

A kiállítást megnyitja: Szalai András művészettörténész.

Megnyitó: 2020. március 10. kedd 18 óra.
“A kiállítás a Budapest Fotófesztivál hivatalos programja.”
Megtekinthető 2020. március 27-ig, hétfőtől-péntekig 13-18 óra között!

Csipes Antal a „Tanodától az egyetemig” című fotókiállítása, az iparművész hamarosan megjelenő könyve, második kötetének válogatott képanyaga. A múltidézés legkorábbi fotója 1982 júniusában készült, míg az utolsó 2019-ben. Ezek mellett a Moholy-Nagy Művészeti Egyetem történetének eredeti kópiáit – 1898-tól –, kiadványait és szórólapjait is láthatják az érdeklődők.

A kiállítást megnyitja:
Borbás Dorka és Lukácsi László üvegművészek.
Közreműködik: Fehér Elemér, klarinét

Megnyitó: 2020. február 4-én kedden 18 órakor.

Megtekinthető 2020. február 14-ig, hétfőtől-péntekig 13-18 óra között!

Szilágyi Csilla üvegtervező művész évek óta foglalkozik betonöntéssel. Szobrászati gondolatait elsősorban a beton és az üveg együttes használatával tudja megfogalmazni. A TRANSFUSE_02 kiállításán egy új szobor sorozatát mutatja be nekünk. A tárgyai különleges fényjátékként is funkcionálnak. Mintázatuk a háromszög rács szerkesztési elvein alapul, a centrális kompozícióba organikusan ágyazódnak bele a kristály lencsék.

Anti-valentin-napi posztapokalitpikus tudományos fantasztikum a FISE összes termeiben:

A BOLYGÓ NEVE: HAL /// sci-fi farsang a FISE-ben
Belépés: kizárólag tematikus jelmezben

Dátum: 2020. február 15.
Kapunyitás: 20.00 - vége: kifulladásig
Fogyasztás: hozott anyagok alapján

Zene: dj GYöREMiX
Lesz: sci-fi zenék, tudományos-fantasztikus vetélkedő, jókedv, télbúcsú
Visual: Puskás Marcell, PUSKAAS

FISE - Fiatal Iparművészek Stúdiója Egyesület
FISE Galéria, Kálmán Imre utca 16., Budapest, 1054



Simultaneous Art School comes up as one of the most exciting private artistic institutions in Hungary with it's up to date, goal-oriented and always ready for changes approach. On the exhibition, we would like to introduce the students who graduated in 2019 as metalsmiths. The school is looking forward to welcome everyone interested at their 20th-anniversary celebration.