LAB_B_103 Diploma exhibition of METU Textile Design MA students

Opening: October 19, 2020 (Monday) 18:00
Opened by: Kata Oltai, art historian, curator

FISE Gallery, October 18 - October 29, 2020
It is available until Monday, Friday, October 29, 2020 from 1 to 6 p.m.

Exhibitors: Mónika Devecsei (Minó), Sabrina Komár, Dóra Márföldi, Dominika Tóth, Dorina Varnyú
Leading teachers: Hajnal Baráth, Anett Papp
Curator: Gabriella Uhl
Curator's team: Anderco Kinga, Böjthe Emőke, Farkas Luca Sára, Kutas Alexandra, Németh Kitti, Sárközi Barbara, Szabados Julianna, Tardi Zsuzsanna, Uhlár Kamilla - METU Design and Artist Management

The exhibition of the MA students of the Budapest Metropolitan University majoring in Fashion and Textile Design is both a material testing laboratory and an example of togetherness and belonging. The works created in the creative process of the dissertation attempt to create islands that help us survive in our fragile world. Where they longed for a utopian state, where they reconstructed our fallen world by presenting concrete results.

The atmosphere of the exhibition encourages us to be more than just a visitor. Let’s go back to where the works were born. In thought, we break out of the exhibition space, run out into the field, return. We lie on the grass, between our fingers beetles, muddy ashes; crush them. Let’s watch the parched lands stand in flames, the border burns. Together in the snow. Our breath rises billowing. The winds blow the clouds .... The conception and construction of a common world not only appears in the works, but the exhibition is the result of close collaboration between the university's disciplines, where master students in design and art management, as curators of the exhibition, sought to to help unfold, showcase the messages encoded in your creative processes.