The FISE at designjunction London 2014

For FISE / SYDA is of a basic interest to take part yearly on at least one professional design market, show and/or presentation abroad. Our members can be made acquainted with international challenges both in the field of design and practical exhibition requirements.

Designjunction ( was founded in 2011 and became rapidly a real prestigious member of the London Design Festival. This new organisation with its fresh line is an ideal contact for the renewed strategy of FISE /SYDA in contact-management.

The 10 designers exhibited by FISE /SYDA prove to be successful and were acknowledged by experts ad journalists, as well. Both craft- and design are invited to this show, what we find extremely convenient for our members.

Our exhibitors are: Batisz Mikós-Farkas Anna, Hegedűs Andrea, Józsa István, Kiss-Gál Gergely, Koós Daniella, Meixner Etelka, Vidó Nóra, Szabó Edit, Zalavári József.