Face to face / István Ágoston

This series is about the management of FISE.

They are the members who can be contacted if you have some question or problem, they can be seen to come and go nervously before the events and the exhibitions…
But who are they – beyond their work?

Name: István Ágoston
interior design

Zodiac: Cancer
Job what you wanted as a child: busdriver, veterniarian, inventor
Favourite month / time of the day: May / night
If YOU will be a colour: orange
Recreation: hiking
Last book you read: Szendi Gábor: A nő élete
Last culture event or experience you enjoyed: Concert of Eros Ramazotti
3 can't-live-without stuffs: bike-glasses, tape measure, colored pencils
Favourite designer or artist: Péter Reimholz
Project of your wishful thinking: To design a swimming pool for the Olimpic Games
One sentece about you: Polymath designer (and maker) who living with his family

More about: http://www.kezzelfoghato.hu/index.php?link=tagok&tag=agoston